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We grow green skin oranges (Citrus sinensis), sourced from the Pursat province of Cambodia.

ABOUT Oranges

Orange (Citrus sinensis):  We produce green skin oranges commonly known in Cambodia as “Pursat orange”.  The orange was first introduced to Cambodia during the 90 years French colonial period in the province of Pursat.

We chose to grow this local variety because it is well suited to Cambodia’s climate and soil and is wonderfully delicious.  Pursat oranges have a greenish/yellow skin and a memorable sweetness with sour notes.

Interesting to note is that the skin color of oranges depends on where it is grown. In tropical climates, an orange retains its green skin color from chlorophyll.

However, in temperate climates, the green chlorophyll pigment is removed from the fruit skin in the fall season similar to how leaves turn reddish/brown, which is why those temperate climate oranges turn the orange color from which their name derives.

Fast Fact:
70 million tons
oranges produced each year
85% of oranges worldwide
Converted into Orange Juice
600+ Varieties
are grown worldwide
15.5°C - 29°C
Ideal temperatures for growing oranges
10 Segments
found inside a typical orange


Our trees are specially grafted onto hardy Japanese lemon tree stock to prevent fungal infections and root rot during the rainy season.  We have found success in the growth of our trees and fruit with our company made organic fertilizers, flowering, and fruiting formulas.

We have found that although our trees are well suited to our well-drained soils, we must be meticulous in providing them with the micronutrients they require.

We feel that our oranges have a better taste than the oranges originally from Pursat because of the different soil we have in our area and our use of organic farming techniques.


More than just sweet juice

Oranges are most famous for their sweet juice and providing the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

However, similar to tangerines, oranges contain other benefits such as containing Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, and Folate as well as Potassium, Calcium, and dietary fiber.

The strong source of Vitamin C in oranges serves as a powerful antioxidant that combats the formation of free radicals that cause cancer.  Vitamin C contributes to collagen production which improves skin health and strength to guard against wrinkles and improve healing of damaged skin.


More Facts...

  1. Orange Trees originated in Southeast Asia.
  2. The biggest producer of oranges in the world is Brazil.
  3. In order to get the same amount of fiber as you would from an orange, you would need to eat 7 cups of Cornflakes.
  4. Oranges grown in tropical climates remain green even after ripening.
  5. The flowers of an orange tree are used in making perfume.
  6. Orange is a hybrid citrus fruit derived from the pomelo and tangerine.
  7. The word “orange” was first used for the color and not the fruit.
  8. When traveling the world by ship, sailors would plant orange trees along their route to prevent scurvy.


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