Indo-China Agriculture Dried Fruit

We produce dried jackfruit and mango on a regular basis while we dry rambutan, longan, orange, and tangerine to order.

Our Dried Fruit

We sell dried fruits harvested fresh from our fields.  We dry our fresh fruits in solar drying houses (rather than standard electric dryers) using a patented technological design and materials to ensure that our products do not exert a carbon footprint in the drying process and also allows us to make our products more affordable.

Our dried fruits are dehydrated to a moisture content that guarantees shelf life food safety standards.

Dried Fruit
1500 BC
Earliest record of dried fruit
3 - 18%
Residual Moisture Range
Glycemic Index of dried Mango

Custom Orders

We dry a portion of our sweet fruits which extends their shelf life and cuts down on spoilage which enlarges the useful harvest and makes more food available for consumption.

We are always experimenting with new techniques and can dry fruits to order.  The most popular dried fruits we make are mango, jackfruit, tangerine, longan, and rambutan.


Healthy Snacks

Our dried fruits can be enjoyed right out of the bag as a healthy snack, or used in cereal, energy bars, salads, cookies, cakes, bread, stuffing, sausage, pies, jams, or as toppings for yoghurt, ice cream, cocktails, iced teas or smoothies.



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