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We grow the Malayan tall variety of coconut (Cocos nucifera) for their plentiful coir and copra production.

ABOUT Coconuts

We cultivate coconut because our well-drained soils are well suited for coconut palms.  We chose to grow the Malayan tall variety because of its ability to produce the most copra and coir.

Our market research indicated a world-wide deficit in mature coconut supply for the foreseeable future due to multiple factors including the popularity of coconut water, aging productive plantations, and decreasing replanting rates.

We were inspired by the multiple ways business growth can occur through processing the different parts of the coconut.

61+ million tons
Coconuts produced worldwide
Up to 180
Coconuts produced per tree
94% water
contained in Coconut Water
6000 Coconuts
to make 1 ton of Copra (Dried Coconut)
C, E, B1, B3, B5 & B6
Naturally occurring vitamins in Coconut flesh


Our coconut consultants from Sri Lanka helped us to maximize the drupe yield by setting the optimal spacing and pattern within each sector.

Our irrigation of the trees during the dry season and continual fertilization also helps to improve our yield. We have vigilantly protected our trees from various insect threats and look forward to many more years of fruitful harvests.


Tree of Life

Coconut is called the “tree of life” not only because every part of the tree can be used for life’s necessities such as building shelter and providing hydration and nutrition, but also because the “nut” properly known as a drupe, provides so many multiple eco-friendly uses for health, beauty, agriculture, filtration, heating, insulation and erosion control.

As a food, coconut has such amazing health benefits from its milk, water, flesh, and oil. The water of young coconut is a naturally sterile fluid packed with one of the highest concentrations of electrolytes for hydration.

The milk, flesh, and oil of coconut have been used as medicinal food for thousands of years. The flesh contains healthy protein, fat (HDL’s), vitamins, and minerals which aid in weight loss.


Great Benefits

Coconut oil has been used for skin and hair nutrition as well as breakthrough health benefits for Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer since it supports immune function, improves digestion, improves insulin secretion, removes free radicals, and restores thyroid function.

Coconut food products include:

• desiccated coconut used for desserts;
• coconut milk popular for cooking curries, soups, smoothies, and iced  drinks such as coconut coffee;
• coconut cream is often used as a dairy replacement for butter or cheeses
in recipes for lactose intolerant diets;
• coconut sugar which has a low glycemic index for diabetics; and
• coconut oil for everyday cooking and consumption especially for those on the Ketogenic diet looking for medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which increase the beneficial HDL’s and not the harmful LDL’s.



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