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Hydrosols are predominately made up of hydrophilic compounds of the plant, with a minute number of essential oil compounds. Hydrosols also contain carboxylic acids, which may explain their observed anti-inflammatory activity.

ABOUT Hydrosols

We produce a variety of hydrosols from our farm fresh plants.  Hydrosols are water-soluble plant fragrances made from the distillation process of our plant material.

Though similar to essential oils, hydrosols are less concentrated aromatic waters often used as perfumes, in facial toners, creams, lotions, hydrating face mists, face spritzers, air fresheners, deodorants, aromatherapy sprays, and other skincare, baby, and bath products.


For Sensitive Skins

Hydrosols are a great alternative to essential oils for aromatherapists to suggest use with vulnerable groups such as moms-to-be, babies, children, and the elderly, due to their water-based therapeutic properties.


Uses for Hydrosols

Other uses of hydrosols include:

• Wound healing
• Anti-inflammatory
• Cooling agent
• Use in skincare as hydrating component in a product, e.g. cream cleanser
• Safe for infants and young children in baths (1 Tbsp) or spritzers
• Skin inflammation



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