Indo-China Agriculture About Us

Our office is located in the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia while our farms and processing facilities are based in the booming province of Sihanoukville within close proximity to the growing air and maritime ports of Sihanoukville and Kampot.

Indo-China Agriculture About Us

Indochina Agriculture Processing, Ltd is a local Cambodian and foreign-invested joint venture company focused on the production and processing of agricultural crops for both export and domestic consumption.  Our core business strengths are in agro-industrial crop production and processing with an emphasis on strict export quality standards in both plantation production and processing procedures.

With an exceptionally experienced and talented team of experts, we strive to produce the highest yields while maintaining the best soil quality to ensure the healthiest crops for processing and sale. Our goal is to ensure consistent quality from the field to our customers.

Although we are focused on creating a profitable business to be sustainable, we are a socially conscious company that strives to invest responsibly in economically challenged areas.  We aim to make a lasting positive impact by creating sustainable jobs and improving food security and safety through careful management of our crops and soil based on a combination of natural farming and permaculture concepts and techniques.

Our care for the land helps to ensure that the environment and natural resources around our community are preserved well for future generations and resilient to potential natural disasters and effects of climate change.

Indo-China Agriculture Ltd is a subsidiary of Pacific Asia Holdings LLC.

Home of sustainable farming and investment

Our Approach

We are leaders through action in our community and specialists in bringing about a positive change in the lives of those we meet and do business with.

Home of sustainable farming and investment


We produce nutritious food to benefit our community and improve lives.

Our Vision at Indo-china Agriculture


Sustainably grow, process, and sell agriculture products to improve food security, eradicate poverty, create jobs, and advance the agriculture value chain.

Home of sustainable farming and investment


We believe strongly that our corporate values define our character and therefore encourage our team members to respect and follow our values:

• Positive ‘Can do’ attitude where everyone must be willing to ‘get their hands dirty’.
• Fairness in all of our dealings.
• Betterment of the communities we work within.
• Honesty and respect in everything we do.
• Strive for constant improvement in work, personal, family, and community life.



We are successful when:
• Our team has a sense of purpose and their lives are positively impacted
• Our people are inclusive and diverse
• Our communities, customers, and suppliers value their relationships with us
• Our asset portfolio is sustainably developed with world-class returns
• Our operational discipline and financial strength enables our future growth
• Our society benefits from the things we do on a daily basis

Home of sustainable farming and investment


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    Indo-China Agriculture Ltd is a subsidiary of Pacific Asia Holdings LLC