Indo-China Agriculture Livestock

Based on our philosophy of having a sustainable integrated farm with a closed-loop input system, we have chosen to raise pigs, chickens, and goats to balance the input and output requirements of our crops with the input and output requirements of the livestock. This also allows us to raise our livestock with organic feed made by us to guarantee safe and healthy outcomes.

Our Livestock

Our pigs are a mix between Yorkshire and Duroc breeds.  We raise them from birth using natural farming techniques so they can enjoy a more natural habitat which reduces stress levels and allows the pigs to enjoy their lives in a comfortable environment.

Our organic feed mix is a combination of fresh agricultural by-products and our specially fermented banana feed to aid their stomach and overall health.

Livestock Farm
100 Kg ea
Average weight of our pigs at sale
About 250
Eggs are laid each year per chicken
1 - 2 Kg
Hay is eaten by the average goat


Our chickens are a free-range local chicken breed that searches for fresh insect food in our fields and compost piles.  We also supplement their food with an organic mix we make on-site.

When our hens lay eggs, we take them to our incubator for hatching which ensures a higher percentage of live births.



Currently, our goat production is still at the experimental stage as we are doing our utmost to reinforce our fencing so the goats do not escape and devour our young replacement plants in the plantation.

We raise livestock for local consumption only due to our limited capacity to make organic feed inputs.



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