We produce a line of jackfruit snacks for distribution by small business owners.

Our Agri Products

We are continually working to offer value added fruit products to our customers.

Initially, we are developing a line of jackfruit snacks in order to lengthen the shelf life of our jackfruit as well as reduce wastage due to spoilage.

By processing our own jackfruit we will also be able to put back into our soil valuable nutrients via the composted materials that are routinely left for disposal at the garbage dump in normal circumstances.

Fast Facts On
Agri Products
7% Protein
Found in each jackfruit seed
94 calories
per 100g serving of Jackfruit Chips
100 - 500
Seeds in a average Jackfruit

Stay Tuned

Along with our processed fruit snacks, we are also stocking farm-related merchandise that we find practical, interesting, and fun.

Stay tuned for new things to come!


Still to come...

We will sell our farm merchandise, available to outfit you on your farm, or as a memory of visiting Cambodia. Choose from our lineup of shirts, hats, and caps.



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